Volunteering for coffee harvest now open!

Hi we are Ana and Carlos 🙂
At Proyecto Cocuyo we are working to reactivate a Colombian agroecological coffee farm in a small town located two hours from Bogotá. The coffee grows between bananas, oranges, lemons, cocoa, maniocs and lots of different trees. We are in a Cloud Forest of the colombian Andes characterized by its unique biodiversity. Our goal is to rescue the history, crops and traditions of this rural area. We are willing to preserve the coffee culture of respect and care with the living beings in this mountain. In the future we are planning to develop cultural activities and artistic workshops having in mind we both are visual artists. By now we are on coffee harvest and we are needing a little help until July. Would you like to join us?


We need a little help in the coffee harvest (cherry picking, separating and processing) , with our organic garden which is in the begining, cooking (we cook all toghether) and occasionally with our rooms (painting and restoring objects). All activities are made with us, your hosts.


We have a guest room that could be shared by four people, one double bed and two single beds, it also have a bathroom. Theres hot water and wi-fi. Unfortunatly we cant pay the meals so we expect a donation of USD$6 per day. If you have a special diet just tell us and we’ll be able to accomodate it. We can help with the transportation from the small town, Cachipay, to the farm.

Volunteering hours expected

Maximum 4-5 hours a day, 5 days a week. Weekends are for relax and enjoy!

are you interested?

Write to us at proyectococuyo@gmail.com or by helpx. Tell us about you, your experience as a volunteer and what do you expect of proyecto cocuyo. Dont forget to tell us when are you planning to come 😉

We’ll be waiting for you!

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